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Deep and unnerving realisation

I’ve been working on my lovely Pinoli zippered hoodie for *mumble* months now (in case you didn’t catch that, the mumble was a number greater than twelve), and I think I’ve realised the cause behind my exponential increase in reluctance to work on it. I’m not sure I want it. I mean, I desperately want a […]

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I rummaged through my goes-with-me knitting bag before we went out. “I don’t feel like I’ve got anything to knit.” I grumbled (to myself: externalising such thoughts attracts misplaced derision). And yet…there’s a lot of unfinished business kicking around the knitting cupboard, so what gives? Item 1: Pinoli Cardigan Cast on god-kn0ws-when in 2015. Here […]

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With a curly seahorse tail

I burn slow and long. This is a beautifully poetic way of saying ‘it takes me about four years to catch on to a trend and then I refuse to give it up until it’s parodied on The Simpsons‘. Case in point: shawlettes. I don’t care for the term, but I acknowledge that’s what we’re […]

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A learning curve

I can’t tell where I’m up to in Origami, my rendition of Paper Crane, but I’m having a great time with it. I mean, I know where I’m at in the pattern, but I’m not sure what percentage complete that is. But it’s very pretty. It turns out there are learning opportunities wherever you want […]

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Urban Aran: So close

And I gotta say, it’s beautiful. The Urban Aran cardigan is one of the most fun things I’ve ever knitted. It’s a straight up awesome pattern: there’s lots going on, but not so much that you get overwhelmed or have trouble keeping all the threads in your head. Even towards the top of the body, […]

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The infatuation continues

I’ve been working on M’s Urban Aran cardigan, and hot damn if it isn’t still my favourite thing to knit ever. EVER. I know I thought I felt this way before, but I was but a child then. This is the real deal. We had a rough patch, but we’re through it now. My fault, […]

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My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby in May. In all the excitement, I’ve been knitting (of course). This baby is the first of the immediate family babies, and so I feel far more confident knitting for it. Frankly, if the knitting sucks, the baby will just have to put up with […]

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