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Snaily snail

Some of you may recall I established a Learn-How List some time ago, and upon that list I inscribed the noble words pain aux raisins. Pain aux raisins, or escargot, or snail pastries, are spiral-shaped pastries made from croissant pastry. You roll out your croissant pastry, spread crème pâtissière over it, and then liberally dot […]

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Pasta Masta!

Scuse the funky layout: I’m experimenting with some different formatting tweaks to see what I like. Carry on! I did it! Ticked one major item off the “Learn-How” list! Make pasta. I’ve made pasta once before, and I wasn’t really confident with the outcome. But this time: GROK. I totally get it. I used plain […]

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Seedy yet seemly

That’s me, baby. Alert readers may recall my recent reevaluation of the Learn-How List for 2012, wherein I discussed my culinary aspirations. I culinarily aspire every day, and so should you, you pleb. On my list of Not Yets was wholegrain bread! By which I mean multigrain bread! By which I mean bread what has […]

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To create the perfect stromboli…

…you must first invent the Universe. (With apologies and puppy-eyes to Carl Sagan.) Following my recent mid-year evaluation of the How-To List, I thought it high time to get tackling some of these suckahs. Tonight: stromboli! Context: in the middle of going mano-a-mano with a cold, and probably overmedicated on tea, Vicks VapoRub and boredom, […]

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Learn-How Halfway(-ish)

It’s just after half-past 2012, so let’s look at those start-of-year Foodin’ Challenges I set myself, shall we? Wins Raisin bread: Holy hell, I nailed it. Got it right, then made it better. Crumpets: zang. Polenta: Yo, did it, but I don’t think I posted about it. Does it still count, or do I need […]

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Awesome setting: 11

Dudes, can you have too much awesome? M has been experimenting with a new dough trick: a huge batch of basic 70% hydration dough, lightly kneaded and popped in the fridge until wanted, topped up occasionally. We’ve been making pizza from it all week. I’ve been theorising (read: thinking on the toilet) about other possibilities […]

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Though I try, I can’t conceal all the awesome.

It’s twoo. One of the things on the Learn To Cook list and holy cow how is it May already was raisin bread. (I keep typing “raising bread”, which isn’t really incorrect, but not what I’m talking about here, thanks auto-fingers.) Might have been a little under-ambitious with whole Learn To Cook List. Raisin bread […]

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Stumped for inspiration, yet finding myself in the kitchen armed with a spoon and a bowl, I turned my attention to the Foodin’ Challenge List! Today’s spectacular triumph: cornbread. Cornbread is so easy I feel a bit embarrassed about listing it anywhere even tangentially connected to the word “challenge”. It’s easier than muffins. It’s easier […]

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Epic, layered, complex.

Today I ticked a big one off the 2012 Cooking Challenges list: making pasta. I’ve made it before, but it was pretty wobbly and I wasn’t too proud of it. I haven’t made it solo since M and I bought a pasta-roller-dealie: we’ve been making our own pasta for ages (which is to see M […]

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Heavy Crumpetting (*snork*)

If you were paying close attention, you would recall how I declared a set of things I wanted to learn hot to cook. The Learn-How List! Today I kicked off with one of the hardest.  A cooking challenge that has eluded me for some years now, and whose rewards are potentially legion. Crumpets. I love […]

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