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Red run red run red run

I knitted, I triumphed, I boasted online: I flaunted my success, I was prideful. But it’s okay, because I was sufficiently punished when I washed the buggers. Loved these tops so much. Essential Tank and Skinny Empire, both from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits. Both fantastic patterns. But for the love of all things soggy, if […]

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I have three new projects and I love them all like three new yarn babies.  After the triumphant finishing of my red Essential Tank and the slightly-less-triumphant-but-no-less-worthwhile finishing of my latest socks, I felt ready to kick off some new things. Let’s play Meet the Newbies. My Silver Sands scarf: This yarn is soooooo soooooooft. […]

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I, naturally, have outgrown such things.

If I was going to throw a tantrum, which I wasn’t, and I wouldn’t, it would probably be about knitting.  For example, when I discovered that the raglan increases I had steadily and carefully completed while working on my Skinny Red Empire had, due to a row gauge miscalculation, resulted in the sleeves failing to […]

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Slow and steady

I wrote recently on socks and why they’re so satisfying: it’s the speediness, the satisfaction at flying through milestones, one after the other. Cast on, toe, foot, heel, leg, ribbing, cast off — bam bam bam bam bam bam bam! Suddenly: a sock! I know this isn’t always how it works, and some poor knitter, […]

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