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Finishing my exams and everything has left me pooped.  I must have invested far more energy into last week than I realised.  One of the more surprising manifestations of this is how little I want anything other than simple comfort foods.  I’ve had porridge for breakfast three mornings in a row.  I can’t seem to get enough […]

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On Sammiches Part Deux

Yesterday I wrote passionately (nay, poetically) on the issue of sammiches. I would like to add a little epilogue to my post, in praise once more of the sammich. Picture this if you will. After writing my last post, I went home and cooked a fantastic curry, worked on some uni things, played some percussion […]

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On Sammiches

I have, of late, been considering the sammich. I think I may have misjudged the humble sandwich (or sammich), in a backlash from years of eating them by obligation. While I was in school/high school/university, I had a sammich for lunch every single day (except on those hallowed days where I bought my lunch). I’m […]

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