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Run run run red run

The red tops are with me no more. I turned them into long squiggly lines and dried them on a towel. Then out came the trusty ball winder and immediately turned my clean patient skein into a snarl of nauseating complexity. Guh. It took some time to figure out. Several hours, in fact. But I […]

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Beginning the end to begin again

I have begun the rebeginning! I’m taking two innocent red tops that have been brutalised by cruel fate and also the washing machine (cruel washing machine) and rebirthing them. Or reincarnating them. Not sure which yet. I guess reincarnating: I’m pretty sure you can do the rebirth thing without dying. And since I’m unravelling these […]

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Red run red run red run

I knitted, I triumphed, I boasted online: I flaunted my success, I was prideful. But it’s okay, because I was sufficiently punished when I washed the buggers. Loved these tops so much. Essential Tank and Skinny Empire, both from Wendy Bernard’s Custom Knits. Both fantastic patterns. But for the love of all things soggy, if […]

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FO Report-Restart Vest

Once there lay a sweater, complete and unloved, which ached in its innermost plies to be reborn. Rebirth, like birth, involves pain. Well, no, it doesn’t. It’s mostly metaphorical. But in order to rebuild the sweater into the form it truly desired, to release the truest form of this yarn, I had to break it […]

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Restarts revisited

In my last post, I waffled lyrical about one of my favourite features of knitting: restartability. Cock it up? Yank it back and start afresh. You usually don’t have to do a complete reboot; you can just unravel to the last set of increases or whatever and then restart from that point. Another kind of […]

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The big, awesome, wonderful thing that knitting has over everything else is the potential for restarting. I can’t be the first person who wishes they could extend this to the other things in their life. Party dissolves into tears and someone locking themselves in the toilet and refusing to come out? Rip it back to […]

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Did you know: on Ravelry, there’s a whole group dedicated to untangling knots for you? It’s called “Knot a Problem”, (because everyone knows that if you start a Ravelry group without incorporating a pun into the title somehow, monsters eat your eyeballs out of their sockets while you sleep) and I can only tip my […]

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A couple of years ago (sweet merciful French fries, years? Yes. Huh.) I made my Mumini a sweater.  It was in one of my (then) favourite yarns, Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme, in olive green — and there is a whole rant up my well-cabled sleeve about that particular yarn, the heartbreaker; that callous, cruel, deceptive…focus, focus.  Having […]

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