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A couple of years ago (sweet merciful French fries, years? Yes. Huh.) I made my Mumini a sweater.  It was in one of my (then) favourite yarns, Cleckheaton’s Merino Supreme, in olive green — and there is a whole rant up my well-cabled sleeve about that particular yarn, the heartbreaker; that callous, cruel, deceptive…focus, focus.  Having […]

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Skating on thin ice

I knit because I love to do it.  I love the gentle, non-attentive process of creating each stitch, and I love the intensive concentration period before casting on, where I examine the pattern thoroughly, identify potential problems, and work out whether or not the gauge is going to produce a garment to fit me perfectly […]

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Dis. Aster.

Crumbs. Spent the day working on Purple Olive, which is going beautifully thank you very much. I’m a bit worried the sleeves are going to be a little baggy after the elbow, so I haven’t cast them off. But I was tidying the stash today, and happened to pull out the bag containing all my […]

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Random Wednesday!

{Random 1} I had a flu shot on Monday, and it’s knocked me about a bit. One of the things you’re supposed to learn with Addison’s is to support your immune system consciously. Normally, after a vaccination, your immune system starts chugging away, making the required antibodies to make you immune to whatever your shot […]

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