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So close I can smell it

At least, I hope that’s what I can smell!  HAH!  Ah, an easy joke to start the afternoon.  Makes the world go ’round. Purple Flounceypants is nearly finished. There she is, in all her lacey glory.  That pin is showing where the first i-cord is going to start.  The first of some 86cm of i-cord […]

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Hemming (and hawing, by implication)

Purple Flounceypants is charging ahead.  Today I finished the elastic casing around the top.  In keeping with the overall feel of the Purple Flounceypants experience, this was accomplished after an internal dialogue along the lines of “how do I do that?” ; “eh, I dunno…just wing it” ; “rightyo!” (frankly, I’m surprised that there are […]

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So this is getting weird now. Having to put aside my Purple Corona while I waited for my new ball of yarn to arrive, I picked up Purple Flounceypants and began working. There is voodoo woven into this yarn.  There is a magic spell twisted around every stitch — and whether that means it’s going […]

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Keeping a low profile

Flounceypants is still magically perfectolicious.  I was working on it in my lunchbreak at work and realised I had reached the end of the lace portion (18 repeats, not 15), and became a little nervous.  I’ve satisfactorily completed the lace, and I’ve even scanned over it with a fine-toothed eye or whatever and…well, it’s perfect.  […]

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I am looking nervously over my shoulder

Purple Flounceypants is proceeding nicely.  Very nicely.  Too nicely. There’s ten repeats of lace there, and I’m planning to do around 14 (or maybe 15, since I prefer odd numbers).  The original pattern calls for eight repeats, but that’s for a shorter top and bigger gauge.  Since I’m working with a finer yarn, with the […]

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I love it when things chug along nicely.  The new blog, the sushi; everything’s coming up bethini at the moment.  Of course, this meant that when the smackdown came, it wasn’t wholly unexpected, and I was more emotionally ready to deal with it. So, I cast on a nice lacey summer top.  Lelah, from Knitting […]

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