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FO report – Mama Moth

I don’t think I’ve knit anything so pretty for a while. This pretty, lacey, elegant shawl is for my pretty, lacey, elegant Mumini’s birthday.  Which makes it nearly a month overdue, but I bought her some earrings to distract her on the day. Provided you’ve been paying close attention to the blog and not drinking […]

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Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners – Part Quat

Okay kids, gather around.  Now, while you’ve been waiting for the fourth and final instalment of Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners, I trust that you’ve been steadily working away at your shawls.  Everyone hold them up, let’s have a look.  Mmm, lovely.  Now, I know we’re all tired, but we’re into the home stretch now. […]

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I’ve been working on my creative visualisation — and by “working on”, I mean “trying to reduce the volume by which I decry as bunkum”.  I’m a bit of a hippie at heart, as well as an optimist at stomach, so you would think I’d be all over creative visualisation like a cat on a […]

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Is this really an effective use of my time?

They’re right. Lace in progress looks like arse.  It looks as though it has been knit with chewed up leftover kitchen string.  It’s all puckery and stupid-looking, and I’m having serious second thoughts about the wisdom of this choice of project.  I mean, look at it: Arse. I’m continuing with it because (a) everyone says […]

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Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners – Part Drei

Hello everybody.  In today’s Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners, I’d ilke to touch on a serious note.  Something nobody wants to talk about.  But I think it’s important to discuss.  Everybody sit down and hold hands. Most of us know how to rescue a dropped stitch or two; I keep a fine crochet hook in […]

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Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners – Part Deux

I’m not going to lie to you, kids: I respect you far too much for that. There is a moment, about one lace repeat into the lacey shawl you have unwisely undertaken, when doubt creeps in.  Lace shawls are the most fun thing to knit ever, and you will watch with enchantment as the pattern […]

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Knitting Lacey Shawls for Beginners – Part One

Hello and welcome. Having undertaken my first lace shawl project ever, I thought I’d share the process of the learning curve with my gentle readers.  (adjusts crevat, lights pipe) In order to ensure sucess, one of the most important steps is to assemble everything you could ever need while knitting, since, odds on, you will […]

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I would hate to suggest that I find moments of indecision crippling, because I can’t shake the feeling that it would indicate a certain lack of robustness to my character.  I will say this: I find moments of indecision frustrating, like walking on a foot with pins and needles.  Example: I had to enrol in […]

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