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The infatuation continues

I’ve been working on M’s Urban Aran cardigan, and hot damn if it isn’t still my favourite thing to knit ever. EVER. I know I thought I felt this way before, but I was but a child then. This is the real deal. We had a rough patch, but we’re through it now. My fault, […]

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Needles of fierce fury

I don’t mean “fury” as in “whoa so angry these needles!” but fury as in “whoa, fast as fury!” Which made sense a moment ago. Not to worry! Let’s soldier on! I’d like to introduce you to Kerrera. Another product of the inimitable Gudrun Johnson, Kerrera is (or will be) a cardiehoodie with pockets. Hooray! […]

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In the spirit of Tantalus

I want to tease you. Glimpse. Peep. That’s all. (Okay, not quite: I also want to say I’ve completely sprung a part about these Boye needles. They’re from an ancient Needlemaster set that belonged to my Nan. I don’t want to go out too far here, but this is the second project I’ve made on […]

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How Not to Knit Lace

Or “How to Not Knit Lace”. There are three primary ingredients required for your failure to successfully knit lace: Some lace knitting you’d like to knit: ideally, a lacey cardigan such as Girl Friday. Some Sambucca. A few episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. Time required: 1-1.5 hours. Level of difficulty: moderate. Serves: 1. Now, I should […]

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FO Report: Infrastructure

I am infused with a spirit of finish-it-uppity, like some sort of dynamic knitting vodka. Finished today: Black mitts for Dadini, Green Sprite (which I mentioned earlier). It’s good to get these done, just in time for spring (I hope I never have to knit my way out of an emergency). It’s good to finish […]

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Dadini mitt, redux

This isn’t going well. Remember I mentioned my Dadini’s reasonable request for a pair of mitts for winter? It was a very decent request, politely made and with ample time to respond before winter chilled in and nibbled the fingertips. I was excited by the chance to tilt my knitsticks towards the fulfilment of such […]

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In which I get slightly philosophical about Green Sprite

Time for a check-in with Green Sprite! So, I have finished writing up the pattern up to the waist decreases: this sounds like a lot of progress, but actually, I just kinda bashed it all out, from the start to there, in a couple of hours. It’s extremely rough and unrefined, and in the interests […]

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FO Report: Sockhead hat

…or: Adventures in Self-Portraiture. Let this post be a double-whammy of learningness for you! Self-portraits are not easy to manage without a remote control and a tripod for your camera. Add short arms, poor motor control and and fidgety fingers that keep accidentally hitting the power button instead of the take-a-photo button and there’s a […]

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Winter woollies – 1

Winter has come. Like POW! Like a fox all jumped up on fox juice and the smell of the sexy new fox next door. Like a rocketship zooming to a divert a meteor that just might squish the Earth. Like a jolt of carrot and ginger and guarana juice flung over a fence and replaced […]

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FO Report: Wavy

Scarves often don’t get FO Reports — they’re a bit like socks in that regard: unless they’re uber-fancy, people act like they’re a non-event. Not ’round here, mother-effers. Behold! A commissioned project! My Brotherini requested a black scarf, and, having recently unravelled a huge jumper-worth of black Merino Supreme, I was looking for a new […]

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