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FO Report: Gytha

Gytha’s done and I can hardly believe it. In keeping with the overall theme of this project, weaving in the ends and sewing in the sleeves was not only easy it was downright enjoyable. I’ve never done such a good job of sewing sleeves into an armhole. I only swore a couple of times and […]

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Gytha: Penultimate edition

Gytha is all-but-done. Bugger my brain and serve it with aioli, because I haven’t a clue how this has come about. It just kind of…happened. And it’s completely beautiful: this isn’t one of those bad “it just happened” things like a kitchen fire or herpes. My basking Gytha is beautiful. I cannot believe how straightforward […]

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Basking Gytha

I can’t believe how quickly this baby is coming along. It’s out of control and I’m mega-excited. Possibly disproportionately so. Checkit: blocking the body and sleeves before work this morning. I attribute the zoom of Gytha to the fact that I’m still gimping about on crutches. It’s a pain in the arse to move around, […]

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Limping while Gytha races

You know, people — well, knitters, mostly, but other folks too — joke about having some sort of injury that involves being laid up so they can lay around, knitting and reading and watching videos all day. But I’m here to tell you it sucks. It sucks mega curds. So after a month of limping […]

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Gytha on the go!

After dithering for a bit over yarn choices (Black body certainly: red vs purple contrast? THESE ARE THE CHALLENGES THAT WRACK US AT NIGHT.), Gytha is damn near knitting itself. I get home from work and notice the yarn has rolled across the room. “Oh, that?” clack the needles, “kind of bounced off the couch […]

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You know, I just lost nearly ten minutes looking at the word “Gytha” and wondering how to make up a Witty Post Title with it. And by witty, of course I mean pun-tastic. But I couldn’t. So all posts regarding this project could easily end up being called Gytha I, II, etc. Just warning ya […]

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