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Green Sprite Triumphant?

She emerges: a calmer and (dare I say it?) (dare! dare!) more sophisticated manifestation than I had ever imagined. And hot damn, she is sexay. Green Sprite is cast off. Actually, while we’re on the topic, and to titillate you further by delaying the Final Photo, I want to talk about the binding off. I […]

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Green Sprite resurrection: a peek

Green Sprite grows, the teasing little trollop. She wakes me from my sleep with promises of how damn sexy she’s going to be; she whispers little enticements to encourage me to pick up the needles… Things are progressing, with far more potential and substance than any previous manifestation of this vague and elusive vision.

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Green Sprite: the legend continues!

Whether it’s some sort of enchantment or just my stupid brain thing, I can’t give up on Green Sprite. It’s really nice yarn, and the vision I had (sexy, slash neck/cuffs with a kind of autumn-dryad vibe) just won’t quit. My original design didn’t play out, falling short of yarn. So I unravelled and tried […]

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The Legend of Green Sprite

Oh, Green Sprite, you troublesome pixie. I had visions — sweet, enchanting visions — of a green top. Not just any green top, but a sexy, fitted top with a slashed neck and cuffs, and a bit of lacing at same. Raw neckline, raw hem: wild. Alas! Ran short of yarn two thirds into this […]

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Green Sprite reflections

Just when I thought I’d made peace with Green Sprite’s limitations, preparing myself for a sleeveless version, maybe with a nice i-cord trim around the neck to make up for a lack of sleeeves…my eye is caught. I’m trying to circumvent the oft-used metaphor of the dissatisfied lover whose head is turned by some swaggering […]

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Green Sprite update: uh-oh.

I guess, in my heart of hearts, I knew this was coming. That doesn’t stop me worrying about it and employing delaying tactics. Tactics like arranging my knitting on the table and taking photos of it for forty-five minutes before remembering I’ve left the camera on “sunset” mode. I’m running low on yarn. Seriously low. […]

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Multitask mythos

I had a whole draft post typed up on multitasking. It was called ‘Multitasking Mythos’, and there was a poem in rhyming couplets about dispensing with multitasking. I couldn’t post it because I think I might have been fibbing. Here’s the way I see it: multitasking is a risky business. There aren’t many things I […]

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Green sprite: macro edition

Today’s post is brought to you by the macro setting on my camera. This is Green Sprite, with such fine detail as you’ve never seen. Beautiful, yes? It’s not just about the closeup, although I admit that’s a big part of the love. And it’s not just about having some photos that really capture the […]

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In which I get slightly philosophical about Green Sprite

Time for a check-in with Green Sprite! So, I have finished writing up the pattern up to the waist decreases: this sounds like a lot of progress, but actually, I just kinda bashed it all out, from the start to there, in a couple of hours. It’s extremely rough and unrefined, and in the interests […]

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Green Sprite initiated

I’m bull-charging along on Green Sprite! Powering up the ramp! Surging up the waterfall like an egg-bloated salmon! Bounding over crouched leapfrog co-players at ripcord speed! I’ve finished and washed my swatch and came up with a fabric I love: 24 sts x 36.5 rows over 10 x 10 cm. Splendid. This is the solid […]

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