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Favourite things – Epilogue

My first. Just when you thought life couldn’t be more cool, you discover that your garden bed is full of radishes, little and crunchy and fresh and ever-so-slightly peppery. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but this is so awesome; okay, so you buy vegetables at the markets, eat the eatable bits, and put the […]

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Favourite things – Part 3

Life — my life, let’s be clear — is fantastic right now. The bounty of summer, showering me in free fresh fruit since spring, has turned into figs. Fresh wild figs. Oh, I’m one happy blogger/knitter/eater/person/pantry wrangler. I’m so happy I could weep, but it’s so hard to weep when you’re kicking your heels up. […]

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Favourite things – Part 2

Okay folks, it’s the second exciting installment in the “Reasons My Life Rocks” series! When I’m munching my oats, those oats can take many permutations; but there is one non-optional accessory. Coffee. Hot and steamy time: Savoury, dark, strong nectar of the morning (and mid-afternoon, usually). Divine brew of the roasted seeds of the berry […]

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Favourite things – Part 1

My life rocks. Many facets of it are awesome and beautiful and inspiring, but if I listed them all (a) you’d be overwhelmed and kill yourself in despair; and (b) we’d be here for weeks. So, in the interests of keeping things moving along, I’m going to post just a few things that are very […]

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