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On doubts

Oh, beloved Everlasting Bagstopper. It is only through laziness that I do not write a sonnet to ye you.  I love this pattern to pieces. I posted photos when I first finished it the knitting, but I’ve since attached the handles and…well, I love it. I just love it.  Just for reference, here’s the immediately after […]

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What to do, what to do…

So I have some stuff that I want to knit up. I’m on a bit of a plant-fibre jag at the moment, enjoying the feel of it on my fingers. And I’ve got some rogue balls in the stash. There’s some gorgeous green bamboo: I have one virgin skein (100g/229m) and this little ball (22.2g […]

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No, I don’t consider this “out of hand”

I have to say, the red one was even more satisfying to knit than the silver one. Oh, and that rogue strand of green across the bottom of the pic? Definitely not a third one.  Definitely not.  Besides, I’ve got to put the handles and drawstrings on these babies. I am thinking of other bags […]

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One is fun, so surely two is better

Okay, so it’s bag season around here, apparently. As soon as I finished my last Everlasting Bagstopper, I missed it. So I kinda started another one.  Well, I mean, I like knitting them, and it isn’t like you only need one shopping bag, right? And on top of that, the brown paper bag I have […]

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Everlasting Bagstopper!

One of the things about Intolerable Cruelty 2 (progress report: no progress) is that it involved me rescuing this yarn from the go-to-charity box I established in a fit of decluttering earlier this year. I have been carrying this silvery tweedy cotton/linen blend for years and years, and this February I had a bit of […]

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In which you learn the bitter truth

I’m still recovering from being sick and that means Recovery Knitting.  If you continue reading this blog post, I can assure you that you are unlikely to find anything of interest. Surely you must know that Recovery Knitting means dull knitting? After all, when you’re ailing, you don’t want some flashy fair isle waggling its […]

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