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The pastry genius

My friends, I appear today to sing the praises of M. I have often said that the best thing about cooking — and I expand this to include every creative endeavour — is the ability to manifest your own ideas. You think “I feel like a quiche, but I’m not sure I want something with […]

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Snaily snail

Some of you may recall I established a Learn-How List some time ago, and upon that list I inscribed the noble words pain aux raisins. Pain aux raisins, or escargot, or snail pastries, are spiral-shaped pastries made from croissant pastry. You roll out your croissant pastry, spread crème pâtissière over it, and then liberally dot […]

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We did maths to it.

M is making croissants and I am so pleased. I have been overworking the macro setting on the camera and trying to get some closeups of the various stages, but the best part was when we did Maths to it! Okay, so the croissant-making has a few stages — at least, M’s method does. First, the […]

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Doin’ it slow.

A lot of good things, maybe even most good things, come about slowly. I have been thinking about this a lot after I posted on slow and steady knitting, and began applying the slow, steady idea to other things in my life.  Take Pongo, my beloved sourdough starter.  Way slower than a package of freeze-dried […]

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