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So I’ve been busy! M and I just got back from a trip overseas: a much-welcomed break for both of us. This has been a pretty heavy year in terms of growth, change, and career path development for both of us, and it was wonderful to have a couple of weeks off. We stayed with […]

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That went better than expected

We recently inherited a griddle! A wee cast-iron paddle with ridges and a handle. You heat it up over the gas flame and it leaves pleasing smokey ridges on anything you cook on it. Noteworthy successes have thus far included: zucchini, haloumi, marinaded tofu, and bread. Today, in an unexpected mood of adventurousness (must be […]

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If you’ve read, say, four posts on this blog, you’ve probably encountered at least one of my pet obsessions: the glories of breakfast. Oooh, wonderfullest time of the day. It’s magical. Now that I think about it there’s probably more written about it than any other daily meal. I can’t seem to go two pages […]

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Carrots to start

That’s right, folks, it’s time to talk breakfast again. And we all know what “talk” means around here, don’t we? It means SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO MY OPINION. As long as we’re clear. I’m not about to tell you it’s the most important meal of the day: that would be clichéed and glib. But […]

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New Adventures in Oats

As I wended my windy wallowing way around the (w)internet, nibbling blogs and sampling, uh, other blogs, I came across Mostly Eating. It’s an incredibly pretty food blog and I’m a sucker for a pretty blog, but then I spotted a post about breakfasts. Well, by now you should know how I feel about breakfasts […]

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