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What I’ve been reading lately

Because it wouldn’t be Book Week here at the Cutlery Drawer without me Voicing Some Opinions. The Name of the Rose–Umberto Eco A murder mystery set in a medieval monastery, starring a genius Franciscan friar and his Benedictine novice! There’s sex! Lies! Scandal! Heretics! Whoredom! Politics! The Spanish Inquisition! Shady pasts, dubious futures! Suspect motivations, […]

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“I only want to look at it.” “No, you’re going to look at it. You’re going to rifle through it and thumb the pages.” “Well…it’s a free country.” “What about me? What about us?” “Us? What ‘us’ do you mean? We just hook up sometimes. It’s not a serious thing.” “So I’m just for when […]

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At my place of employment, we have a Book Exchange. It’s a tricky sticky trap. Three shelves in the library dedicated to the guilt-free donation and collection of books and magazines. At first I was delighted because it was somewhere to offload a whole lotta books I had that I no longer wanted. Then I […]

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Oh baby, crease my spine

I know many people who love books. I know many many many people who love reading, and some of those people also love books. But not everyone who loves reading loves books in the way that the people who love books love books. Ya dig? I’m talking about the folks who’ll buy anything in a […]

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A beginner’s guide to reading books

I realise I may have plunged into Book Week without addressing a key issue: how to read. First, get a book. Then read it. Stop every now and again to eat, sleep or empty your bladder (why not all three?) and then keep going until you get to the end of the book. You’ll know […]

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Let the festivities commence!

I am officially declaring Book Week here at the Cutlery Drawer! I read. Not as much as I want to, but a lot. I read articles, essays and blogs; I read plays and poetry; I read short stories and novels. I love talking about books with people and finding out what they’re reading. I love […]

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