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Biere 4: Two points define a straight line

This weekend we opened the second glorious beer made by my two clever hands. A dark ale, the darkest I could make. Dark, dark, dark. But, alas, I couldn’t get a dark ale kit from my kind and friendly local brew shop, so I started with a Bock base. I know. Take a dark German […]

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Biere 3: The Tastening!

HOLY CRAMPONS THE EXCITEMENT! The beer’s ready! THE BEER IS READY! What’s that? You need a soothing, refreshing ale to calm yourself after that announcement? Would you be interested in an American-style pale ale, with supportive hops, cleansing savoury structure, and beautiful bubbles? Allow me to introduce my first ever beer: the Lucky Trout Pale […]

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Biere 2: The embottling

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember I recently expanded my fermentation repertoire by introducing beer brewing to my life. And how awesome it is turning out so far is beyond the scope of this humble blog. But just real quick: it is very awesome indeed. Since I decided to follow a kit ‘n’ kilo […]

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I can make bread. I can make yoghurt. I can make cheese. I can button buttons and tie laces and count by twos and threes. The logical next step was learning how to make the greatest gift God bottled mankind: beer! I researched the crap out of this. And it seems I’ve slipped on a […]

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