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One salty lady

Friends, I want to share with you the tale of the Great Salt Crisis of 2017. It’s a tale that stretches across time (well, back a few months) and delves into some of the more whimsical peculiarities that my body foists upon me and those that I foist upon it. Shall we? Super important caveat: […]

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In summary

So 2016 was a doozy, huh? In a broader cultural sense for the Western world, is was a honker of a year: even leaving aside political upheaval and the deaths of idols, it was a year of vehement public discussion and agitation. Everywhere I went, the culture felt raw and bruised. Then the conversations turn […]

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These hips were made for walking

In passing, I would like to speculate how often the phrase “these [nouns] were made for [verb]-in’” has been used since the song was released: lots, I bet. Lots and lots. Last October, M and I cancelled our Tasmanian holiday so I could pop over to the local hospital and have a little hip surgery. […]

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Sick day

The day after we got back from NZ, I felt the unmistakeable stirrings of a cold. The sore throat, stiff joints: nothing major, but very present and very emphatic. I thought I’d kicked it, after a week-long wrestle of reduced energy and tiredness, but on Monday it broke through and now I’m flattened. Addison’s Disease, […]

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We’re on a feet-finding mission!

Well, that was a hoot. Four days and four nights in hospital to mend another stress fracture in my left femoral neck (I had a stress fracture in the right femoral neck mended last year). Ah spring, when a young blogger’s fancy turns to being on crutches and bumping into things a lot.There are pros […]

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Investigations Part II

I’m moving from “hypothesis” to “pretty much a fact” territory very fast, everybody. Yesterday’s allergy challenge (which sounds like some sort of weak after-school primary-school-targeted game show) was the noble potato. I should point out that anybody using the cliché “the humble spud” will be stabbed in the eye with a tiny fork shaped like […]

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Investigations Part I

I’ve been thinking a lot about food. As someone who cooks constantly, makes their own bread and yoghurt, roasts their own coffee, photographs/blogs about food and looks at Foodgawker as often as other people look at Facebook, to say I’ve been thinking about food a lot means A LOT. A few years ago I got […]

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Thoughts on blogging: 1) I am sometimes scared that I have a “blog voice”. In fact, it would surprise me very much if I didn’t, but I worry sometimes that it is strangles my normal writing voice. It is difficult to worry about this kind of thing without constantly rolling one’s eyes at oneself, and […]

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Stress biscuits

So, after a few up-and-down moments with the ol’ Addison’s the past couple of weeks, I’ve had to do some thinking about stress.  I’ve reached the following conclusions: (a) stress is a funny thing; and (b) I like to make biscuits. Let’s review. (a) stress is a funny thing; when I was first diagnosed with […]

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I’m home sick, cuddled up with my laptop and this gal: Which is not without its rewards. Addison’s disease is an odd beast, and learning to dance with it is a slow and clumsy process.  Problems can come on so quickly that you hardly have time to compensate with your meds, or they can come […]

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