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Well hello 2020

Tomorrow is the 25th of January, which makes it, astonishingly, exactly one month since Christmas. I don’t know how one month can be so long, but there we have it.

I don’t really get much out of Christmas. I rewrote that sentence like five times, peering over my shoulder and worrying that someone’s going to hear me say that and I’ll be swept up in some sort of project, where someone takes the cynical but lonely Christmas-hater on a journey to learn how magical Christmas really is and at the end of it she cries a bit and loves it as much as any Normal Person. Please don’t do that, if you’re thinking of it. My Yule-meh is not a sign of profound tragedy, or a wistful cry for help. I’m perfectly happy not really getting much out of Christmas. It’s for a variety of reasons, personal and political (which are, as we know, basically the same thing), and I still manage to live a full and happy life even on Christmas Day. So don’t fret.

The weird thing is that I quite like the whole Christmas/New Year period: I like that we’re all (more or less) taking time off together, and I like that we’re observing the end of the year, and I like that it’s in mid summer, and I love New Year’s itself. But Christmas itself? Eh. Meh. Feh.

Did I say I love New Year’s? I mean I freaking love New Year’s. New Year’s is my total favourite. Now, don’t get all thingy with me and tell me it’s just another day, and that it’s all man-made and arbitrary — what do you take me for? I know that! Who cares? Everything around me is man-made, from books to crosswords to casserole dishes to the very concepts of companionship or pumpernickel. So what? New Year’s is one day in our sweeping swing around the sun where we all take a moment to stand up straight, stretch our backs, look around, and say “hoo, look how much things have changed since we were last here!” And then we all get back into it. I like it.

I’m not much of a one for resolutions, but I have historically thought about all the things I’d like to do in the upcoming year. But not this year. This year I’m throwing seeds into the wind to see where they sow (huh, poetic). I’m experimenting with the idea that if you focus too much on what you think you want, you’ll miss out on the other opportunities that might pop up unexpectedly. I’m trying to limit how focused I am on goals and watching what else might come my way instead. But having said that, it’s no coincidence that the first blog post in a long time comes now, a scant 24 days after the New Year begins.

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