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Tipping point(s)

It’s mid-February. Today is February 14 which, by definition, is halfway through the month. I don’t know what happened, because it was January just a second ago, and then I thought I’d just read a page of my book to remind myself where I was up to…

Anyway, here we are. I love February because it feels like we’re into the swing of the year. There’s a tipping point that tilts us from “The year is just starting out!” to “Welp, here we are!” People have mostly stopped writing 2018 when they write the dates, and we’re almost done with talking about resolutions and intentions and things. There’s an air of getting down to business.

The other thing I love about February is that there’s a tipping point in the weather. This morning I got up and it was 10°C (about 50°F for those of you who speak Fahrenheit).

You’ve probably noticed, but Australia has had a crippling heat wave this summer. Chez Cutlery Drawer was shielded from the worst of it, but even here we had several days over 40°C (104°F) and parts of the country were over 45°C (113°F). Now, I have lived in Australia long enough to know that we get hot here: we know what hot is. But this? This is horrible. (Shout-out to all the pollies and would-be regulators who dithered and wasted time pondering whether or not climate change is a real thing: GUESS WHAT.)

Sorry, got distracted there. Anyway, my point, under all these angry brambles, is that we are finally relaxing into balmier days, where we’re only getting up to 30°C or so. It’s positively cool this morning, and the world feels like it can breathe a bit easier.

The final tipping point is my black cardigan: we went to New Zealand for one heavenly week last week, and I pushed myself to finish the body of the black drapey cardie in the hope I could take it with me. After all, a three-hour flight is some decent knitting time. But in the end, I looked at the size of it and realised I would basically be packing an entire cardigan I couldn’t even wear, and decided to instead choose sanity and suitcase space. I packed two balls of sock yarn and worked on a top-down sock for the duration. My first top-down sock in years and years, actually! Am delighted with the twisted German cast-on and its astounding elasticity.

Amusing/unamusing post-script, depending on how you look at it: after a week ignoring my instincts I finally tried the sock on and it was unequivocally too snug. I have, after a week of solid knitting, nothing tangible to show but about three rounds of ribbing and some slightly worn-looking yarn. But I have experience and that counts for something, right?

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