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There’s a number

Before anything else: I want to acknowledge the work that some very brave knitters have undertaken in opening the difficult conversations about race taking place in the online knitting world right now. These conversations are valuable, necessary and serious, and I have nothing but profound respect for the people who have spoken up in the face of blinding rudeness (at best) and horrific hate (at worst). If you’re interested in the background and details, you can read the official Ravelry thread. (The thread overall became a huge, complex thing and was eventually locked a few days after beginning, but the opening post provides a thorough overview of the situation.)


37 cm. Let it be known that this is the point in the black cotton cardigan I’m knitting where I am completely over it and ready to be done. I’m ready to bury this thing under the couch. I’m ready to accidentally leave it in the cat basket for the cats to inadvertently sleep on. I’m ready to accidentally leave it in a changing room somewhere, except I’d have to go shopping to do that. I’ve still got the rest of the body, the pockets, the neckband and the sleeves to go. Wish me luck. More importantly, wish the cardigan luck: it’s just one cool breeze away from me chucking it in the crisper and casting on a hat.

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