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The shocking sequel

In my last thrilling post, we explored the highs and lows of a project that teased and twisted with its sneaky sizing issues.

After completely unravelling and starting over with the next size down (only to realise that, due to the nature of the raglan top-down pattern, I need have only unravelled six rows), I finished the next size down and…baum-BOW. Still too big, darn it.

So I unravelled—this time, having already sipped the bitter cup of experience, I only unravelled six rows. Hah! Clever clogs bethini!

…only to learn that the difference between this size and the next down was a bit more than that, and had to unravel the whole thing.

We are now on our third cast on. We have already had to unravel four rows because of the classic knitting error that means I failed to discern the difference between “Do it four times more” versus “Do it four times”. (If you’re going to stuff up, might as well rock the classics, eh?) (Nobody need point out that this is the third time I’ve worked this pattern and so have no business making this mistake, thankyouverymuch.)

I have a theory. I think this pattern is throwing hissy fits. Word gets around, you see, and, well—I’ve been doing something on the side. Something that maybe my current project—hell, my whole freakin’ stash cupboard—is angry with me about.

A top-down view of my new spinning wheel, an Ashford Joy 2, double treadle model.
Pedallin’ it all over the place, baby.

That right there is my birthday present to myself: an Ashford Joy 2, a beautiful spinning wheel. (Thank you, we’re very happy.)

It’s tremendous fun and I’m having an absolute smash with it—but if you were, say, a beloved but neglected cardigan, or a stash cupboard already struggling to keep its doors shut, wouldn’t you be a bit jealous too?

A bobbin full of blue handspun yarn, spun on my new spinning wheel.
I ain’t sorry.

It’s going to be okay—me and the cardie, we’re going through a bit of a rough patch, but we’ll figure it out. We always do.

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