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It’s one of my favourite days of the year! It’s New Year’s Day! Happy 2019 everyone!

My 2018 wasn’t terrible—I know it was for a lot of people, but I am lucky to be not one of them. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on the blog but in 2017 I got a diagnosis (after about ten months of biopsies, blood tests and being prodded with a pencil by doctors saying “hmmmm”) of sarcoidosis. Mine’s a very mild and benign version of the pesky disease, so we (me and my million doctors) haven’t moved beyond the ‘active watching’ protocol.

The kicker for me was the level of fatigue. Oy vey: I was getting through the day and changing into my pyjamas at exactly 5:15 pm and falling to the couch with an audible crash. Going out at all felt
heavy and hard, staying out past 9:00 pm meant the next day would be a waste, and the prospect of travel seemed so profoundly unappealing that I felt like I’d had a bit of a personality transplant.

So 2018 was a good year in that I finally got back on top of things. Maybe it’s the disease’s cycle of action and remission, or maybe the gargantuan doses of fish oil I’m taking have done the trick (don’t @ me), but the last six months have seen me with way more pep, verve, vim, kick and fzzt than I’ve had for a bit. I’ll toast 2018 just for that.

Not sure what to look forward to in 2019, apart from everything! We have some vague plans that may solidify into fun adventures, and I have some ambitions that may firm up into actual things I actually do, for actual. But I’m not going to put my name to anything yet: right now, I’m enjoying the delicate sense of possibility that this time of year always brings me. I’ve been enjoying my New Year’s Day tradition of doing a little bit of everything I want to do a lot of this year—think of it like stitching an embroidery sampler of the year’s fun. (Way to go with the relatable metaphors there, bethini.) So far I’ve done some yoga and music practice, picked berries, gardened and been for a walk, had a nice bath and blogged (hello!). On the agenda for the afternoon: clarinet practice and allllll the fibrey goodness of knitting, spinning, spindling and plying (I have a plying technique I want to learn this afternoon).

May your 2019 be abundant, unexpectedly fun, cheerful and uplifting. May the problems you meet melt away before your beaming eyes, and may conflict evaporate under your sunny demeanour.

Have a good one, dudes!

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