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{ Monthly Archives } February 2016

The Consolations of History

I’m on a history reading jag and with good reason. History is can be really reassuring. Maybe not so much consolation knowing dates and whatever you had to rote learn, but in knowing people’s responses, directions, and attitudes. This kicked off last year when I read The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood by James Gleick […]


FO Report: Patchy the Pachyderm

Having had some shall-we-say-issues with knitting lately, I did the only sensible thing an irked knitter could do: I put all my projects to one side and took up the needles in honour of a new arrival in my friends’ life. Behold Patchy the Pachyderm! The Skanda Vale Hospice prepared and distributed this pattern with the encouragement […]


Secksy specksy

NERDS lemme hear ya! When I was a wee nerdlet, I read a Babysitter’s Little Sister book. And by “a…book” you’ll know I meant “all the…books”. The first one I read was the one where the main character (to wit, the little sister) got glasses. And colour me jealous. I wanted those goddamn glasses. I wanted them […]