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Another orbit around the burning day star

Whoop! Happy New Year friends! Those who have the good fortune to know me in real life may know that I love me a New Year. I know plenty who say “it’s just another day”, but shut up. This is the day we all agree to acknowledge that we’ve completed another orbit around the sun: it could have been any day of the year and I would have celebrated that too.

So, in the tradition of bloggers everywhere, I’m going to talk about the year that was and outline some thoughts on the year that is currently being and furthermore will be. My 2015 was unequivocally rad. I had a total blast. I begin freelance editing and proofreading fulltime and made roughly what I made last year in my salaried job. Big fat win there! I also started two new jobs: indexer and yoga instructor, and found plenty of work in both streams. Booyah!

As well as teaching yoga, I helped my teacher record an instructional yoga video, which was a thousand and one hoots, and I took up aerial yoga and found yet another way that yoga is amazing and fun. Soooo much fun!

I got back into podcasts and newly into comics. I read a floppity gillion books. (Seriously, what is up with all my reading lately?) I climbed a bunch of mountains (Kosciuszcko and Amos, to name a couple); I visited Tasmania and walked all over it; I went camping and stand-up paddleboarding and swimming and holidaying. I got my first tattoo. We replaced the back fence, planted veggie gardens and shrubs, and saved our elm tree from elm beetles. These may sound like trivial domestic issues (and they are) but they’re important in the grand scheme of me waking up and giving more than a passing shit about my garden and overall home-now-also-work-place.

Knitting-wise, it felt like a varied year, but not a terribly enthusiastic one in some ways. I had a pretty profound wake-up call when I botched 3-in-1 so badly and now I’m trying to find my feet again. Nevermind: there’s a hoodie on the needles, socks in my handbag, and more than one Ravelry tab open right now, so I have no qualms that the yarn will flow again soon.

I have a New Year’s Day tradition: do a little bit of all the things I want to do plenty of during the year. So far: yoga, walking, writing and reading. Coming up: cooking, eating, music-playing and knitting and maybe even a little work. It’s one of my favourite times of the year, and I hope y’all are enjoying it too. LET’S GO 2016!

New Year’s Resolutions, such as they are:

  1. Stop pretending I know nothing about Facebook.
  2. Eat more mayonnaise.
  3. Use squirty bottles in the kitchen more often. I acquired a handful recently and they were all immediately used for okonomiyaki sauce, chocolate syrup and camping moisturiser and they’re fantastic. Pancake batter? Herb-infused oil? Flavoured mayonnaise? Salad dressing? Dessert syrups? You name it, squirty bottles got your back.
  4. Prioritise all the books that, at this moment, are on my shelf unread. (HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHHH HAHAAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ahh. Oh. Heh.)
  5. Read more erotica and pretend this doesn’t confound the above point.
  6. More devilled eggs.
  7. Fewer shoes.
  8. Try cava.
  9. More verbs, fewer adverbs.
  10. Hell yeah or GTFO.

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