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{ Monthly Archives } December 2015

Sheepy beeps

During a recent month-long dalliance with cruddy health, I did not do a lot of knitting. Fatigue was a big part of this, and not just how you’d think. I felt too tired to concentrate on a pattern, remember where I was up to, and maintain a level of trust that the on-the-needles hot mess would turn […]

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Oh dear: anatomy of a dud

Friends, I’ve been knitting for a super long time. As a subset of that knitting length, I’ve been knitting 3-in-1 (Rav link) for a long time. I am too damn experienced a knitter to cock up so comprehensively, in so many ways. And yet, here we are. Exhibit A: (We’re experiencing an unseasonally overcast and cool […]

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