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FO Report: Origami

According to Ravelry, I cast this on last December. (Cursed accurate record-keeping.) I bought the yarn, along with plenty more, in a birthday-fuelled fit of self-indulgence, and I don’t regret a damn thing.

Posing by the front step, rosemary adjacent.

Nice cardie, that! Drapey and pretty and goes nicely with the rosemary.

Last year I reluctantly threw out my secretly-called ‘poet cardigan’, which was covered in holes and stains, but which draped beautifully, came down to my thumb knuckles, and made me feel like a stylish, slightly grungey poet whenever I wore it. I miss that guy. I only threw it away after promising to knit a replacement, and now, just in time for spring, here it is!

Standing with the shrubs

Standing next to roses now: you can see the versatility of a cardie that goes with every shrub.

This is Kirsten Johnstone’s Paper Crane cardigan (Rav link) and it’s pretty darn clever. The body is worked back and forth from hem to the over-bust seam, and then you cast off the fronts and continue working up the back as a big block. At the end, the outer edges of that block are folded down to meet the seam, and that’s where this awesome two-way construction look happens!

A close up of the bust seam and button of Origami

An hour of button selection: worth it.

The sleeves are worked and sewn on separately, so you could certainly — and some fine Ravellers have — leave off the sleeves and wear it as a rad vest. I endorse that.

The yarn is Prism Delicato Layers in Carnelian: a laceweight Tencel the colour of crushed bosyenberries. It’s super silky and drapey: a little splitty while I was swatching, but that turned out not to be an issue at all while working with it. I guess I got the hang of it. It’s silky and curls just the right amount at the wrists, hem and neckline, and it’s incredibly light. Perfect for spring/summer when the evening gets cool.

Rating: awesome. Very rocks.

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