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{ Monthly Archives } October 2015

FO Report: Origami

According to Ravelry, I cast this on last December. (Cursed accurate record-keeping.) I bought the yarn, along with plenty more, in a birthday-fuelled fit of self-indulgence, and I don’t regret a damn thing. Last year I reluctantly threw out my secretly-called ‘poet cardigan’, which was covered in holes and stains, but which draped beautifully, came […]

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Part of this complete breakfast

One of the best bits of my job(s) — maybe even THE best bit, on some days — is all the reading. I’ve always been a…shall we say…revolting glutton of a voracious reader. I read so many books, quickly, deeply, and often a few times over. (“Oooh, that bit was particularly good…better make extra sure it’s […]

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