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{ Monthly Archives } July 2015

Back to zero

I don’t get to use this baby nearly enough. One of the things I like about knitting is being able to start over. Few mistakes are irretrievable. And then you can revisit the happy honeymoon days of when you first cast on! Which is the next best thing. Y’know, after having a completed project.

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ACT I “How delightful! This charming seahorse-tailed scarf will be ready in no time at all! I’ll be finished by Friday and wear it on holiday!” ACT II “What a lot of extra yarn I seem to have. I’ll just double check the yardage in the pattern.” ACT III “Whoa, how long has that extra […]


With a curly seahorse tail

I burn slow and long. This is a beautifully poetic way of saying ‘it takes me about four years to catch on to a trend and then I refuse to give it up until it’s parodied on The Simpsons‘. Case in point: shawlettes. I don’t care for the term, but I acknowledge that’s what we’re […]

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Beginnings and ends (and weaving in)

I’m well relieved to have finished my Niecini’s wee green duffel coat. (Seriously? That’s how you spell duffel coat? Wow.)  Apart from the embarrassment of being the latest first birthday gift (Who am I kidding? She ain’t give a damn. The only first birthday present she cares about is the soft floppy sheepy she got that […]