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{ Monthly Archives } April 2015

Quitting’s for quitters

This weekend was unexpectedly dramatic. I quit sewing. Let me give you some backstory (why not): I have noticed a lot of tulle skirts on grown up women. Online, obviously, since I don’t go out unless I’m out of milk or need to get my scabies shots or whatever. So if enough women are wearing […]

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Growth is a process

I’ve been full-time freelancing for three months now, and I thought I could puff myself up and share some of the wisdom I’ve gathered through this time. And by ‘wisdom’, of course, I mean ‘lint bits’. That’s just some of the clever language use you learn when you have several hours a day alone with […]


Flick the pages, flick ’em good

Another Reading Time post! You guys, since I started reading Chuck Wendig and John Scalzi’s blogs, I feel like I’m always getting word of rad new books to read (they host the 10 Things I Learned While Writing… and The Big Idea posts, respectively, in which authors talk about their experiences and motivations in writing). Add to […]