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{ Monthly Archives } March 2015

In which we are surprised by pants

When I was a wee tacker and adults who weren’t me were in charge of every damn thing, we had mandatory sports participation at school. As I was only about two foot tall and not especially enthusiastic about physical motion, I pretty much hated it. I have a hilarious memory from kindergarten, where my class […]


A learning curve

I can’t tell where I’m up to in Origami, my rendition of Paper Crane, but I’m having a great time with it. I mean, I know where I’m at in the pattern, but I’m not sure what percentage complete that is. But it’s very pretty. It turns out there are learning opportunities wherever you want […]

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Reading time! C’mon, grab your friends…

Dreams of my Father by Barack Obama Wow, that was good. I do not read political memoirs, but I do read personal memoirs that are set against political and cultural change or upheaval. And I do read books that underline how the political shapes the personal, yessir. My overwhelming feeling of this book is that […]