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{ Monthly Archives } January 2015

Up and/or down(ish)

Hi chums! So 2015 has been a pearler for me so far. Ups and downs, sort of, and we’re only three weeks in. I’ve just completed my training as a yoga teacher and it was the most wonderful thing ever. Guided by the wonderful Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity, I and 19 other students studied, […]


Just saying, what if…

…I learned how to smoke stuff on the Weber on the back deck this year? Like mushrooms? …I tried my hand at making mould cheeses? Would you eat homemade blue cheese? …I started sending some stuff out to publishers and zines? …I wrote a few more fan letters to writers I think are amazing? …I […]


Deeply empurpled

Dudes, did you know there’s black rice? Holy cow. I grabbed a sushi for lunch the other day, and lo, it had black rice! Well, deep, deep purple if you want to get pedantic about it — that’s apparently anthocyanin, the same stuff that makes blueberries blue, and makes both blueberries and black rice very very good […]


The spoken words

Last year (get used to saying that, babies), I started getting really into podcasts. It’s been a while: I first got into them way back in, like, 2007 or something. Maybe even earlier. When was KnitCast out? Anyway, I loved me some knitting podcasts and then gorged myself on Stash and Burn until I overdid […]


Reading time: can’t get enough of the books, baby, edition

Blightborn by Chuck Wendig Alert readers will probably already know that I’m a big fan of El Wendigo. I’ve been following his blog, Terribleminds, for ages, and started reading his novels last year. Blightborn is the second in the Heartland trilogy (YA novels). The first, Under the Empyrean Sky, was an awesome kapow-pow adventure of a book, […]


New Year’s Day: Let’s see here

Good morning and welcome to 2015! One of my favourite traditions, which I first read about on the Yarn Harlot’s blog, is spend New Year’s Day doing a little of everything you want to do in the year. So I’ll be spending some time on all sorts of things: yoga, reading, writing, working, walking, knitting, […]