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Thanks 2014!

So it’s been an up-and-down kinda year. I’m reluctant to call any year a bad one (although there have been some 12-month periods of spectacular suckiness), but this one had some moments. (Speaking strictly personally here: I don’t have the words to even start on some of the massive horrible things that have happened around the world.) But then, there have been some pretty great things happening, too, so how does it all balance out?

First up, we kicked off the year carefully nursing Mumini through a horrible illness. She developed—spontaneously, as far as any of us can tell—myositis, an infection of the muscle. Hers was in her neck, and after being admitted to hospital in septic shock, the infection moved into the bones in the neck. We were all very scared. Mumini was very sick, and on lots and lots of medications for a long time. Her liver began showing signs of strain, indicating it was faltering under the load of medications: she had to be taken off antibiotics months earlier than planned, which is a scary and dangerous step to take. And she recovered. Slowly and in a near-constant state of exhaustion, but she recovered. She was declared infection free a few months after stopping antibiotics. Shortly after: she quit her job. Because life-changing illnesses change your life, yo.

My work became a sudden shock show of tension and stress: big staff changes and not much backup put your favourite blogger (no, me) under the pump in a startling way. It was a big challenge and I stepped up: I learned that when I have to, I can totally dig my heels in, grit my teeth, and get shit done. But it knocked me around and drained me. So I handed in my reservation. I chewed on the decision for months, but that doesn’t change the outcome. I’ve quit my job to become a full-time freelance copyeditor, which is terrifying. And awesome. And terrifying.

We travelled. It was so, so great. Brooklyn is wonderful. We’ll be back. Switzerland is heavenly: where beauty, friends, and good times can be found in one smoothly-operating location. We’ll totally be back. (Shout out! Represent!)

Learned how the plumbing under the sink works; that’s a win. Speaking of house stuff: we installed evaporative cooling and gas heating at Chez Spoonfully, and lo, our indoor environment is a blessed and restful place. Returning from Swiss summer into the middle of Canberra winter was the jolt I needed to remind me that gas heating is just flat out, straight up great. And now the brutal Canberra summer is ramping up—and both of us working from home—, it is another awesome, awesome thing to have a cool house. We finally replaced the back deck: I put my foot through it about a year ago, and we basically just stopped using that whole half of the house (including the back yard). So now it’s like we’ve got twice as much house! And a whole back yard! Whoa!

I started learning how to teach yoga! I’m (at time of writing) halfway through my training with Heather of Yoga Trinity, who may be one of the coolest, most funny and rad and wonderful people I know, and who I may or may not have a total crush on. I’ve been reading a lot about yoga, anatomy, yoga injuries, the whole shebang. What a fantastic rabbit hole to fall down: I’m looking forward to teaching in the new year.

Started lifting weights. YEAH. Look out, friends. These guns are likely to GO OFF.

There’s lots more: rediscovered podcasts, read some great books, listened to some killer albums, cooked some fantastic grub; lots of stuff that makes life better and richer, but doesn’t necessarily make it into the end-of-year roundup.

So, on balance, I’m going to say that this was, indeed, a good year. There was some big, heavy shit that went down, but here we are on the other side of it with some good ideas about how to cope next time life tries that stunt. Tonight, we’ll go for a walk along the trails and look at the mountains. We’ll catch up with some friends and have a quick drink, and then we’ll head home and have an early night.

Thanks for everything, 2014. Now it’s time to see you on your way and invite 2015 in!

See you in the new year, friends!

Cheers! *clink*



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