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{ Monthly Archives } September 2014

Taco time!

So something else that happened while I was recently couchbound was that M splashed out on some masa harina. We’re total pros at wheat tortillas (and their many derivatives, including tortilla chips), but the corn tortilla has always eluded us. Masa harina, it seems, is the key ingredient, so for years we’ve been trying to […]


A supreme moment

Holy cow you guys I just made the most amazing pasta. Alert readers will recall in a recent post I explained I was dedicating my time couch-side while nursing a virus to researching ways of improving my pasta-making sk1llz (among other things). Well, I’ve turned the corner virus-wise and am well and truly on the […]



So I’ve been really getting into porridge this year. One of my favourite things is to joosh it up with veggies and spices. Yep. Veggies. If there’s pumpkin in the house, you better believe I’m having pumpkin pie oats. If there isn’t, well hello carrot cake oats. I soak my oats and their fancy fillings […]


This is an outrage.

I’m sick. Again. It has been a tense year, and instead of my usual allocation of 1–2 viral infections over a twelve-month period, I’ve racked up four this year so far. The last three have been in the last three months, which a degree of frequency heretofore unseen. There’s not a lot to be done […]



The email exchange had been going for some days: we’d begun researching venues and finalised the guest list. The birthday boy didn’t suspect a thing, since his fiancée and I had been planning it quietly. And then an urgent message: “We need a race car cake!”. He recalled a memorable cake when he was four, […]

FO Report: Urban Aran cardigan

As hinted at in my last Urban Aran post, there was one final hurdle before the beloved Urban Aran cardigan could adorn the beloved M. This is the first time I’ve ever attached a zipper to a knitted thing, and I was a little unsure about it. And then I remembered an awesome Grumperina blog […]

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Holy balls, why did I wait so long to try tofu scramble? And why do I say “scrambled eggs” but then “tofu scramble”? Allow me to end the suspense right now: I have some answers. I waited so long to try tofu scramble because I love eggs and I assumed the point of tofu scramble […]



I have to admit, there’s been some dabbling in the exotic arts. I’m not much of a sewer. I grew up with an exceptional sewer: there’s not a damn thing my Mumini can’t make using just her sewing machine and an afternoon. She once sewed an entire wedding party: the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, […]


Urban Aran: So close

And I gotta say, it’s beautiful. The Urban Aran cardigan is one of the most fun things I’ve ever knitted. It’s a straight up awesome pattern: there’s lots going on, but not so much that you get overwhelmed or have trouble keeping all the threads in your head. Even towards the top of the body, […]

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The tender steely grip of the dirt

I just don’t get it. One minute I’m fed up with gardening and all its unholy dirts and pebbles; the next, I’m singing VAL-DE-RI VAL-DE-RA and strapping on my gardening gloves. I’ve got my theories, but nothing’s provable. 1. Hunger: I’m reading over Foodgawker and the several hundred carefully selected foodin’ blogs in my RSS […]