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Tiny details

A wee while ago, I was in Melbourne with some friends, and I finished the socks I was working on. I had a lot of grey yarn left to work with, and a lot of time to work with it: creativity stepped in and saved me from boring myself to the brink of insanity. It was time to make something up. I’ve been impressed with the grey Berroco Comfort and its stitch definition, so I chose to make some socks with tiny details. Tiny cables around the cuff, and tiny cables along each side.

A full-body shot of the completed sock, showing side and cuff cables.

The sock: an overview.

These are awesome fun to knit. I felt so clever as I finished the cuff and seamlessly led the cables down both sides of the foot (front and back). And when it came time to do the heel, well…I normally do an easy and pretty short-row number, but since I it turns out I’m so clever, it was time for an ad-libbed Eye of Partridge flap heel! YEAH BOI!

A close up of cuff and side cables.

Pretty and complex

See those cables? All outta my own head. Good heel that, too.

A comparison of completed sock and sock in progress,

Progress shot!

While progress has, uh, slowed a little following the advent of M’s cardie into my life (so happy), it’s nonetheless permanently on call in my handbag, for those rare occasions where a full-size knitting bag is unwelcome. (Like an embassy dinner or a Caesarean section.) And so it proceeds.

A very close up shot of sock texture.

Quick! Macro!

People, this alone is an awesome reason to take up knitting (I admit this applies to nearly all creative pursuits, but I have a particular kink for knitting, so that’s what we’re talking about): that moment where you can take the stuff stored in your brains and reconfigure it into something entirely new and perfect is a fantastic one!

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