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FO Report: Squirrelly

In the exciting followup to the adorable whaley jacket, may I present: Squirrelly! The beautiful green jacket that will drape your beloved newborn in a protective yoke of squirrels.

Squirrelly jacket front

The stunning sequel to whaley!

This is a gift, for some excellent friends. M and I went to Melbourne, and these friends made us feel like feeding us, sheltering us, playing games with us and driving us all over the dang state was nothing short of a privilege. They showed us the Dandenongs and the Mornington Peninsula, the kiosk at the end of the pier, and the site of the former illustrious menswear facility Stax of Slax (Late Show fans unite!). They showed us new games, let us walk their dog and fed us sourdough pancakes. I haven’t got enough shout-outs for these folks.

Squirrelly jacket back

Squirrels got your back.

These friends are soon to enjoy the arrival of a third wee friend, and I can’t wait to meet them. If they’re anything like their parents, they’ll be calm, patient, cheerful, funny and kind. All excellent qualities to see perpetuated in our population.

Close up of squirrel jacket front.

Personality shot.

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to meet your new friend.

Pattern: All in a Nutshell by Sargantana Formenterenca (Rav link)
Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mill Classic 8ply – an oldie from the stash
Rating: SOOOO CUTE. Very straightforward, too.

PS: Extra big shout-out for the release of S.Cargo, the epic 3D snail adventure! It’s a beautiful and fun game, and it’s created by one half of my aforementioned friends. Check it out, y’all!

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