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{ Monthly Archives } April 2014

FO Report: Squirrelly

In the exciting followup to the adorable whaley jacket, may I present: Squirrelly! The beautiful green jacket that will drape your beloved newborn in a protective yoke of squirrels. This is a gift, for some excellent friends. M and I went to Melbourne, and these friends made us feel like feeding us, sheltering us, playing […]

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Just trying it out

Once upon a time, I used to sew. Still do when I have to, like lifting hems and mending things; attaching fresh elastic to fitted bedsheets. I like sewing, but I love knitting, so when it comes down to which would I rather spend my scant free time doing, the choice is obvious. But that […]

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Look, I don’t want to be too damn obvious here, but I love knitting. I really do. I’m working on a new project right now and I’m so excited about it. You know when you start reading a fantastic new book, and when you’re not reading it, you’re thinking about it and wondering what the […]

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