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Subtly flared.

Subtly flared.

Yesterday saw the conclusion of a long endeavour. Well, not a the proper conclusion, obviously. Knitting never really concludes. Am I right, knitters? YEAH! WOO! Where was I? Oh yes. So I cast off: one of the longest cast offs I’ve ever done, as it trundled all the way up the front, over the hood edge, and then back down the other side. It’s cotton, too, so you have to be super careful about not letting it get too saggy: wool’s natural elasticity will let it balance itself out, but plant fibres need setting down right.



Sneak pictures for today: it’s drying after a light blocking, and won’t be ready for the FO Report until it’s dry and has buttons. But I’m tres excited.

Sweet apple feathers, Ravelry tells me I cast this on in October! WHAT. I think the last time I posted about this project, I was boastful about its speed and ease. Well, colour me surprised. Once it was time to work the very awesome but also very long front bands, all bets were off. That is some slow work. Plus I did it wrong the second time. Oy. Lucky I like knitting.


Pouch, attached.

But man, it looks super cool. It’s got an awesome stylin-casual vibe, which suits me perfectly.

A (fairly revealing) glimpse

A (fairly revealing) glimpse

I finished this just after Canberra suffered through a gross heatwave (several days over 40°C, total suck): less-than-ideal weather for having a jacket draped across your knees, I can tell you. And I am totally ready for a smaller, more portable project. Luckily, Ravelry’s got my back: I’ve already got several contenders shouting at me from my queue…socks, a vest, more socks, maybe another skirt. Not sure I’m going to resolve this easily. Maybe I’ll just cast on everything and see what sticks to the wall. That should work, right?

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