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{ Monthly Archives } December 2013


This has been an awesome year. It’s had some freaky bad parts, but on average, I’m giving the year 9 out of 10. (I like to leave room for improvement: it encourages the next year to try harder.) I went back to New Zealand (LOVE YOU AOTEAROA) to watch two of my favourite people in […]


Times of abundance, times of drought

Oh, the cooking! This year has been a bit on the intensive side, so I haven’t been cooking — or, as I like to call it, FOODSPLORING — as much as I would like. But that’s okay. I’m on holidays at the moment, and that’s pretty damn sweet. Like everyone else in Australia, something went […]

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Canis familiaris

We do not own a dog. We have a family dog who comes to visit when the dog-owning member of the family does. We have a neighbourino dog who used to bark through the whole in the fence until we became friends. Now she barks very little and gives a big greyhound grin when she […]

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Needles of fierce fury

I don’t mean “fury” as in “whoa so angry these needles!” but fury as in “whoa, fast as fury!” Which made sense a moment ago. Not to worry! Let’s soldier on! I’d like to introduce you to Kerrera. Another product of the inimitable Gudrun Johnson, Kerrera is (or will be) a cardiehoodie with pockets. Hooray! […]

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