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FO Report: Black Sands

Blink and you’ll miss it.

From this:

Humble beginnings!

Humble beginnings!

to this:


In repose. Overexposed repose.

in about five weeks! Astonishing. Also a bit misleading, because that top photo is of (I think) a sleeve, so not really the start of the piece or anything like that. Not that it matters! I have a point to make and that point is SPEEDY. I cast this baby on just before we went overseas (all of August) (man, that was so great) and picked it up when we got back. So there’s maybe five weeks’ worth of knitting in there. And not like serious intense all the time knitting, either: normal knitting, like occasionally in the car or hanging out after dinner, that sort of knitting. Not like “everyone shut up and go away I gotta knit” knitting. More like “oh look some knitting has enhappened” knitting. Zang, baby.

This lovely drapey masterpiece is brought to you by Amy Christoffers. The pattern is dead easy: the textured front panels/collar are simple to memorise and the whole thing is logical, clear and straightforward. (Love that.) It’s a seamed pattern, which I think is the best bet: the aran-weight yarn creates a very fluid, gentle fabric, and I think the absence of seams would transform it into a shapeless (albeit lovely) schmatte. It lacks closures on the front, so now I’m on the prowl for the ideal shawl pin/brooch/doobery. At first I thought something in silver, but now I’m thinking wood, or maybe a dark green semi-previous thingo. Hmmmm. Further research required. But I digress: a lovely pattern!

Pattern: Long Sands Cardigan by Amy Christoffers (Rav link)

Yarn: Cleckheton’s Merino Supreme (now discontinued: longtime readers may recall that I was once seized with a passion for this yarn that compelled me to buy BAGS and BAGS of it)

Rating: Very cool. Easy, quick, and produces a lovely cardie. No mods!

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