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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013

Biere 3: The Tastening!

HOLY CRAMPONS THE EXCITEMENT! The beer’s ready! THE BEER IS READY! What’s that? You need a soothing, refreshing ale to calm yourself after that announcement? Would you be interested in an American-style pale ale, with supportive hops, cleansing savoury structure, and beautiful bubbles? Allow me to introduce my first ever beer: the Lucky Trout Pale […]

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FO Report: Black Sands

Blink and you’ll miss it. From this: to this: in about five weeks! Astonishing. Also a bit misleading, because that top photo is of (I think) a sleeve, so not really the start of the piece or anything like that. Not that it matters! I have a point to make and that point is SPEEDY. […]