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{ Monthly Archives } June 2013

Science looks at pizza until the pizza looks back

There’s been a lot of talking ’round these parts about the ways in which pizza can be refined and perfected, tweaked and explored, fondled and manipulated. There is always talks ’round these parts on such matters. We’re a pizza loving people in this house. Tonight: SCIENCE. Which is better hydration for a pizza dough? 65% […]


Triumph by proxy

I would like to take a moment to praise M and his ability to manifest culinary visions. By which I mean doughnuts. M speaks fondly of memories of watching the doughnut-making machine in the shopping centre, popping rings of fresh(ish) dough into the hot oil, and then conveyer-belting them to completion, where they shimmied down […]

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These hips were made for walking

In passing, I would like to speculate how often the phrase “these [nouns] were made for [verb]-in’” has been used since the song was released: lots, I bet. Lots and lots. Last October, M and I cancelled our Tasmanian holiday so I could pop over to the local hospital and have a little hip surgery. […]

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After a few weeks’ grizzling around the place with a sore back (sleeping with a pillow under your knees is a compromise: your back stops hurting but you do feel like you’re laying in a bucket), I’m finally up and about. Sleeping right, walking properly (not waddling about like I’m trying to hold in farts), […]

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Lessons learned in Skyrim are lessons learned in real life.

In order to mollify my fury at having to purchase a dedicated work computer, M persuaded me to get one with a freaking awesome graphics card so I can play games (instead of sitting next to him while he plays, whining for him to go slower so I can see what’s happening). Once he put […]