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{ Monthly Archives } April 2013

Snaily snail

Some of you may recall I established a Learn-How List some time ago, and upon that list I inscribed the noble words pain aux raisins. Pain aux raisins, or escargot, or snail pastries, are spiral-shaped pastries made from croissant pastry. You roll out your croissant pastry, spread crème pâtissière over it, and then liberally dot […]

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Awesome real quick

Just found these photos from dinner a couple of nights ago. If you ever want to be a bit fancy with the pizza-making, may I recommend caramelised onion, fig, feta and rocket? A particularly nice touch was mixing a spoonful of fig and balsamic jam into the caramelised onions before using it as the base […]



It’s reading time! I’ve been on a bit of a one-author kick lately, and that author is Christopher Moore. The books are a hoot: they’re quick, funny and clever. The characters are flawed but good everyperson characters, which hits a nice balance between individualised and identifiable. They’re pretty short and easy to read and a […]



A friend bequeathed me this pumpkin. Which was a lovely and generous thing to do, because it was a delicious pumpkin. Slight caveats: (a) I had to put it in my backpack and ride back to my car with it, not a long way but a fair step with several kilos of pumpkin on my […]

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Because sometimes bad things happen to good cheeses

For what is success without defining failure? Yesterday, for reasons, misc., I kinda stuffed up my cheesemaking. I was riding the wave of success from Friday’s triumphant feta (best cheese yet, I might must add): I was probably a bit cocky. I was also tired and grumpy and my pants weren’t on straight. And the […]

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