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{ Monthly Archives } February 2013

An Analysis of an Illness

Early warning signs: Scene I M: Do you want a cup of tea? bethini: I don’t care. M: Do you want to watch Spongebob? bethini: *dribbling audibly* What? Yes, please. M: Maybe you should have an early night. bethini: It won’t help. Nothing helps. Scene II bethini: I think that works well. boss: Are you […]


Sick day

The day after we got back from NZ, I felt the unmistakeable stirrings of a cold. The sore throat, stiff joints: nothing major, but very present and very emphatic. I thought I’d kicked it, after a week-long wrestle of reduced energy and tiredness, but on Monday it broke through and now I’m flattened. Addison’s Disease, […]

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Dithering, decisions, delight.

A long and particularly satisfying break, my spoonfullies. M and I had a happy sojourn in Aotearoa and now I’m back with a head full of brains full of ideas and shoes full of feet. I was going to have a bit of a blog-chat about all the things I learned and thought about while […]

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