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Cone coda

You may recall my ice cream cone-related ambitions recently? The cones were tasty, but lacked the structural integrity required to live up to their names: we had ice cream burritos instead, which I’m claiming the invention of.

But M is not one to simply rename a recipe and call it a success (from the “What I Meant All Along” school of cookery): while we enjoyed our ice cream burritos, the cogs in his head quietly turned.

The flaws in the batter identified, the cone code cracked:

Ice cream waits for noone.

I realise this isn’t the perfect photo, but when someone hands you an enormous home-made ice cream cone, do you say “wait, I must get my camera!” or do you promptly insert the ice cream cone in your face-hole? Precisely. I also want to boast that with subsequent batches, M has got the cones even thinner and crispier. This is a happy household.

The secret, happily, is more sugar! More sugar yields a crispier shell upon cooling, resulting in a delicious shatterific cone, perfect for the meltiest ice cream. Hoozah! Loosely based on this recipe from Chocolate Gourmand: M also adds a big splash of vanilla essence and cooks them in a frypan, not a waffle maker.

Bonus points: With the hot cones too hot to pinch shut at the tip, M plugged each cone with a knob of melted chocolate. Dude’s got smarts.

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