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{ Monthly Archives } January 2013

Reading time: clever clogs edition

In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification – by Victoria L. Pitts Man, I’d forgotten how much I dig sociology. I haven’t read much since my Masters and that shit is rockin. In the Flesh is Professor Pitt’s exploration of some of the motivations and socio-cultural meanings behind body modifications. With a bit […]


Tipping the bonnet

Today I baked bread. Like knitting and raising plants, this is one of those things that occasionally prompts me to think of all the other people who have done this: a fairly fundamental urge that has brought humans along for thousands of generations, as we clothe and feed ourselves with the skills handed on. The […]


Breakfast Pie

It’s only 25°C right now and that’s so balmy I’m giddy with it. So I did the sensible thing: toasted muesli, baked more bread, and then cooked an amazingly pink breakfast pie. I bought some stalks of rhubarb, which I showed to my own growing rhubarb seedlings to show them what they’re aiming for, with […]


Less than chill

Dudes, it has been hot. Cripplingly hot. Australia is going through some horrible weather right now. The fire danger is off the scale, and the Bureau of Meteorology had to extend its y-axis when charting average temperatures because Australian towns are frequently reporting daily temperatures from 45-50°C. THAT’S TOO DAMN HOT. My ride to work […]

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When I first started food blogging, I assumed all food bloggers were cooking/serving/eating the same way I did: messily/hastily/quickly. I’ve revised this assumption, based on (a) how many food bloggers mention their cameras and offer advice on shooting your food; and (b) Foodgawker. People out there are committed to the look of it, and I’m […]

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Following an inspirational visit from friends and their tales of wondrous farinaceous delight, I decided my life needed more foccacia. Indeed, yours probably does as well. So I listened the savoury songs they sang, and translated their vision into bread. Much like when Michaelangelo translated the Bayeux Tapestry into rap on So You Think You […]

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Cone coda

You may recall my ice cream cone-related ambitions recently? The cones were tasty, but lacked the structural integrity required to live up to their names: we had ice cream burritos instead, which I’m claiming the invention of. But M is not one to simply rename a recipe and call it a success (from the “What […]


End : Start

You might’ve heard that the year ended. It did! I wasn’t there, but I hear the end went well. I like New Year’s Eve/Day, for pretty much the same reasons everyone else does: new start, etc. I like having a holiday that aligns with the universe, too, because it reminds me how insignificant humans are. […]