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{ Monthly Archives } November 2012

In surgery

Problem: Having reached the hem on a top-down dress, our noble knitter realises (THROUGH NO FAULT OF HER OWN) that one shoulder is ludicrously shorter than the other. Possible solutions: Unravel dress from hem to shoulder, reknit. Magical/surgical intervention. Dispose of entire garment, change blog to focus more on pug wrestling. Solution chosen: Magical/surgical intervention. […]

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Tastes like success.

The return of Pongo has been anticlimactically swift and successful. I scraped out everything dried and wrong-smelling (oddly, nothing smelled really rank or rotten, just like *very* mature cheese), and over a couple of days, Pongo woke up and started foaming up to the lid of the pickle jar in which it resides. Today, the […]

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M looked at me and said “I think I want to make dumplings again.” And so to adventure! Potsticky goodness! OH GOD let it work. Ever made dumplings and have them totally fail on you? Few things are more enraging, kitchenwise. They’re so fiddly and exciting, and then you open the bamboo steamer and find […]


Pongo lives?

I opened my three-years-dormant sourdough starter Pongo, emptied some out and topped it up with fresh flour and water. 48 hours later: unignorable signs of life. I cleaned half out and topped it up again, scraping all the old stink off the lid and lip. 24 hours later: Rinse and repeat, without the rinsing part. […]

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What’s that smell?

It’s been a while. My sourdough starter, Pongo, has been tucked in the back of the fridge for nearly three years, idly ticking away and growing a brown, pungent lid. But I was cleaning out the fridge and not doing much else today, so let’s see what happens. I scraped out all the gross stuff: […]

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In pursuit of puffiness

If you first read that title as “In pursuit of puffins”, I salute you. We should hang out. M already has a pro hand when it comes to pâte à choux (the steam-risen dough from which gougeres, eclairs and profiteroles are made), but watching this video with Julia Child and Norman Love flicked a switch […]

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NaNo NomNom

It’s NaNoWriMo time! I’ve been pretty slack with writing stories this year. Save me NaNoWriMo! Be the kick in the trousers I want to get me back on track. Which opens us up for the debate about whether or not it’s useful or healthy to rely on external motivators like NaNo in order to develop […]

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After the last Hempdress update, I decided to carry on knitting the skirt of the dress before backtracking and fixing the wonked shoulder — after all, I know what to do for the skirt, I’ve got that pattern memorised. So I charged on, enjoying the ever-increasing stitches and working my way to the end of […]