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We’re home and damn good it is, too.

I worked on Friday the whole time I was away, and it’s so close to being ready I can taste it! Taste the cardigan!

A sea of scrunch!

I’ve finished the shawl collar and cast off: I have some doubts, to be resolved once I’ve blocked and eyeballed it. I’m concerned the top buttonhole is too high; that the rib is too narrow (should have continued for another inch, perhaps?); and that the cast off is a little wobbly at the front. I’ll block it tomorrow and make my mind up after it’s dried. If it needs changing, I’m cool with that. This project has moved at a roaring speed and I don’t mind having a little more time with it if that will make it perfect.

I’m looking forward to blocking the sleeves and the collar: blocking lace is such an awesome trick. Turns scrunchy to sleek. I’ll send it swimming tomorrow morning so it will be dry by the weekend, an ideal sleeve-sewing-in time.

Spring was waiting when we got here: there’s flowers all over the plum trees and leaves all over the rose bushes. It’s going to be a sunny, balmy, interesting spring and a red cardigan will be perfect.

And then there’s the summer knitting to think about…

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