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{ Monthly Archives } August 2012

In which I get all zen on your hide

It was a long day. I worked all day, then came home, ate the meal M kindly inserted between my face and the laptop, and kept working. I finished at around 9:30pm: I was stonkered and blinkered and could only think about work. Deciding the day was written off, I figured the best thing I […]

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Reading time: sex, death and money edition

This edition of reading time comes with a PG rating due to adult content. Holy crap [PG rating is also due to language use] there are some great books out there: here’s three of them. Histories of Sexuality: Antiquity to Sexual Revolution by Stephen Garton A random find and thank you Google books! I came […]


Scrag-end cookery

Do you know what I love? Not wasting food. Exhibit A: Candied orange peel This idea has been in my Pinterest “To-Cook List” for ages, mostly because it’s so dang purdy. Look at them! Little sticky slices of sun. And after a couple of unusually-thick-skinned oranges, I remembered and decided to give it a go. […]


Seedy yet seemly

That’s me, baby. Alert readers may recall my recent reevaluation of the Learn-How List for 2012, wherein I discussed my culinary aspirations. I culinarily aspire every day, and so should you, you pleb. On my list of Not Yets was wholegrain bread! By which I mean multigrain bread! By which I mean bread what has […]

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How Not to Knit Lace

Or “How to Not Knit Lace”. There are three primary ingredients required for your failure to successfully knit lace: Some lace knitting you’d like to knit: ideally, a lacey cardigan such as Girl Friday. Some Sambucca. A few episodes of Spongebob Squarepants. Time required: 1-1.5 hours. Level of difficulty: moderate. Serves: 1. Now, I should […]

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Indecision: resolution.

That’s me, baby. Finishing Black Coffee left me anchorless, rudderless and alone in a desperate, unfriendly ocean. Without the reassuring bedrock of my black sleeveless turtleneck, the world seemed cruel, fierce and predatory. I wept torrents, obviously, but found solace in socks. Many, many socks. Socks lingering, unfinished, from years ago. A bag of last […]

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To create the perfect stromboli…

…you must first invent the Universe. (With apologies and puppy-eyes to Carl Sagan.) Following my recent mid-year evaluation of the How-To List, I thought it high time to get tackling some of these suckahs. Tonight: stromboli! Context: in the middle of going mano-a-mano with a cold, and probably overmedicated on tea, Vicks VapoRub and boredom, […]

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