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{ Monthly Archives } July 2012

The way it is in the food-o-sphere

I’m a long-time food blog reader and writer: I check foodgawker and punkdomestics so often it’s like a muscle tic. And there are some emerging trends I’d like to comment on thankyouverymuch. Cooked things with weird names Okay, so a fruit crumble is a kind of weird name, although at least the topping is crumbly. […]

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Things We Are Proud Of

So often, while I’m whipping up a batch of my famous whipped truffle meringues (internationally renowned after being featured on “Fancy-Arse Homes of Unheard-Of Food Bloggers”, the short-lived docu-series on SBS), one of my many admirers will ask, “bethini, what cooking feats are you most proud of?” After I’ve served everyone their meringues and poured […]

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Learn-How Halfway(-ish)

It’s just after half-past 2012, so let’s look at those start-of-year Foodin’ Challenges I set myself, shall we? Wins Raisin bread: Holy hell, I nailed it. Got it right, then made it better. Crumpets: zang. Polenta: Yo, did it, but I don’t think I posted about it. Does it still count, or do I need […]

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The most sockterful time of the year

I’m making socks. Big, thick, aran-weight yarn socks. These are excellent projects for many reasons. Reason 1. My feet are pretty cold: circulation pretty much stops in late March and restarts mid-September. I love thick woolly socks so I can (a) avoid startling anybody I accidentally touch with my feet; (b) cover up my pallid, […]

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FO Report – Black Coffee

I wasn’t sure. I was starting to get sick of it. I unravelled the cowl neck and redid it, enjoying SEVERAL YEARS of knitting 1×1 rib around and around and around and around. Tidied up the armholes by picking up stitches around each one, working two plain rows and then casting off. Wove in the […]

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I’ll be honest…

…I make it up as I go. I have many citrus. When I mentioned to a friend I was preserving lemons and needed some extra juice, he came to the aid of the party with litres of frozen lemon juice (now sorbet and lemon butter) and a bag full of dezested frozen lemons. Then the […]

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Investigations followup

I’ve got a couple of things I wanted to say about my recent allergy-seeking Investigations, because frankly it’s been fantastic. First up: I am a wholly new bethini. I am sleeping better; my stomach is happy (read: quiet and normal); I’m happier, smarter and more energetic. The difference is incredible. I’m running again (and loving […]


Roundy roundy round round

I made socks. No biggie. You can keep moving. There’s probably a video somewhere of a dog trying to get a stick through a door you could be watching. Oh, these socks? Yeah, okay, they’re a bit special. A bit avant-garde. A bit…beautiful. Long time coming and I’m totally in love with them. Years ago […]

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